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About Us

Auguri is a high technology research firm that counts in its ranks scientists from MIT, Stanford and Berkley who have developed a system that is used for analytics, decision support, optimization, prioritization, triage, selection, search etc.
What sets Auguri apart is an approach that emulates the way humans think, by focusing on tradeoffs and comparisons. Tradeoffs are paramount to applications that involve several criteria. Traditional software systems have overlooked tradeoffs because computers were not good at dealing with them, until the advent of Auguri.
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The company is incorporated in Delaware.
It is privately held.
It is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley.
By and large the company is primarily a bed of R&D creativity.
It has built a rich Intellectual Property portfolio comprising patented innovative technologies in the fields of tradeoff based search, inference, business intelligence and analytics
and procurement.
Procusoft, Decidesoft and Intsell are product divisions of Auguri



Board of Directors

bMr. Charles Yeterian – Partner, Novus Consulting
bMr. Marcantonio Parisi – CEO, Fribel
bMr. Hamad Al-Sulaiman – CEO, Muzun Technology Ltd

bMr. Lorenzo Lorenzotti – General Manager, Rolaco USA
bMr. Fadi Micaelian – CEO, Auguri Corporation



Board of Advisors

bMr. Ed Oates – Founder, Oracle Corporation
bMr. Peter Chu – Partner, Asiatech Ventures
bMr. Richard Potter – Associate Technical Fellow, Boeing


    Executive Team

bFadi Victor Micaelian, CEO

Mr. Micaelian is the CEO and Founder of Auguri Corporation where he brings over 20 years of experience in the software industry.  Prior to starting Auguri, Mr. Micaelian worked at Oracle Corporation from 1987 to 2000 and held various managerial positions in product management, marketing, business development, strategic alliances and engineering.  Mr. Micaelian is an inventor and was awarded patents by the USPTO.  He has been the keynote speaker at multiple international conferences and has authored several papers in high technology, decision support and innovations. Mr. Micaelian holds an MS in Engineering from MIT and an MBA from INSEAD



bEmil Scoffone, CTO

Mr. Scoffone brings to Auguri over 18 years of experience in research and development. Before joining Auguri, Mr. Scoffone was a Principal Architect at OnLink Technologies/Siebel Systems, an Internet startup acquired by Siebel in September 2000. Playing a significant role in the engineering of the early versions of their products, Mr. Scoffone held development and architectural positions at Oracle Corporation, Adobe Systems, and Netscape. He holds a PhD from U.C.Berkeley




What does Auguri Mean?

A) Little chestnuts
B) Best Wishes
C) Cucumber
D) Foretelling
E) The next big thing


au‧gu‧ry [aw-gyuh-ree]

1. The art, ability, or practice of predicting, especially from signs or omens. From the ancient Roman practice.

2. A sign of something coming; an omen: “The chartist buys when the auguries look favorable and sells on bad omens”

The answer, of course, is F) All of the above. In Japanese, AUGURI means “little chestnuts.” In Italian, AUGURI is used as an expression of goodwill, best wishes, and good luck. In Greek, AUGURI means “cucumber.” The English definition of AUGURI (also spelled augury) is “the art of predicting and foretelling”.

For the story, the augurs of the Roman empire held functions similar to those of their Greek predecessors, the oracles .