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At the heart of Auguri's products is the AUGURI Server. A data server that performs a series of web-based services including tradeoff based searches, inference, expert knowledge capture, profile generation, analytics and reporting services. The AUGURI Server is the kernel of all solutions.

Auguri provides a decision support platform (DSS) that offers an environment for the development, deployment and implementation of web based applications that require the services performed by the AUGURI Server.

Auguri's technology powers a slew of new functionalities to traditional applications including Procurement, SCM, HRMS, CRM, ERP, B.I., ISS etc.... Visit Solution to find out more.



is the brain of the Auguri product, its service oriented architecture and support for open standards makes it robust, scalable and reliable. It is designed to and is designed to and is designed to be data source independent. It provides a slew of web-based functionality for intelligent data access and analysis. This functionality includes the ability to perform inference, tradeoff-based search, expert knowledge capture, profile generation, analytics and generic reporting services. The Auguri server operates using advanced scoring mechanisms, rather than straightforward SQL implementations, thus delivering a high degree of relevance and control across the entire spectrum of functionalit.

ADEPT (AUGURI DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM) is a development environment for applications running on top the Auguri Server. It adapts a modularized and flexible approach to application development, giving users full control over the management of application data, structure, and UI/theme components. ADEPT offers several ways of using the services of tech Auguri Server. A wizard allows novices to build sophisticated applications by filling a series of forms

PROCUSOFT focuses on the generation of highly effective procurement solutions. Processor provides cost and time-effective solutions which surpass old-generation techniques (i.e. reverse auctions and traditional RFX). Procusoft can quickly assemble a detailed and accurate portrait of the sourcing needs for an organization, cut its procurement costs and streamline its processes. Thus delivering compelling ROI.

DECIDESOFT is Auguri's Decision Support Solution. The focus here is on adaptable solutions which actively address the needs of particular decision scenarios, by establishing a thorough understanding of the relevant variables and priorities. Decidesoft has provided solutions for organizations as diverse as the United Nations and Boeing.

AUGURI SEARCH ENGINE provides a mechanism for data retrieval which is more effective than traditional search processes. Specifically, while traditional parametric search implementations often fail to provide adequate control over the size and relevance of result sets, Auguri searches adapt an innovative ‘tradeoff-based’ approach which sidesteps these common problems. Auguri searches give users full control over the tradeoffs and compromises which are inherent aspects of most real-world search applications. It leverages tech interactive aspect of the network (Internet or LAN) to rapidly zoom in on the most relevant results in the adequate quantity.

AUGURI CREATIVITY SUITE is an introductory product which allows prospective customers to experience and test Auguri solutions without a large-scale commitment. It includes the following:(i) A license of the Auguri Server and ADEPT for development purposes only; (ii) Two days of Auguri training; and (iii) One week of Auguri's professional services.